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reenactments in wet collodion, painted by hand
nude in wet collodion, painted by hand
lanscapes, and more in wet collodion, painted by hand

Niepceotype/ Hyalotype

Dror Maayan

A professional artist-photographer from Israel.


For over two decades, I was working as a professional photographer using most advanced digital cameras.


Several years ago, I discovered the alternative photography, moved back to the 19th century photographic techniques and was totally captivated by the wet collodion process, glass negatives and tintype positives.


I work with a variety of 19th-century techniques (wet collodion, albumen on glass/metal, dry gelatin, cyanotype, albumen on paper, salt prints) using original equipment including antique and vintage cameras. As an artist I always add a personal touch to the photographic work, converting an old technique into contemporary artistic work 


Photographic Sessions


Want to go back in time? To have an unforgettable experience?


Schedule a photographic session at The 19th-century photographic studio.  


Wet-collodion workshops


Want to learn how to photograph in the 19th-century techniques?


For information on private and group workshops please contact The studio of the 19th-century photography  






Dror Maayan

in the Footsteps of E. H. Palmer
& C. F. Tyrwhitt Drake's

Historical Journey in the Negev 

January - April 2019

Hecht Museum, University of Haifa


interview on i24news

Invite Us to Live Demonstration!

Presentation, which includes historical background, detailed explanation of the 19th-century wet-collodion photographic process on glass negative and live demonstration of the process using original camera dated to 1875.

Watch an example of three hours live demonstration in front of more than 200  people at the Open University, Raanana, Israel 

Alternative photography demonstration at the Open University
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