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Recent Projects

Analog prints from my trip to England with Kodak no. 2, string set box camera (1889). Fifteen analog prints, some sepia toned. Among others are those from Lacock Abbey with the famous window and the tombstone of William Fox Talbot and his wife.

Photographs from the series "Israeli Cowboy" created using the early technology of the wet collodion. The series was exhibited at the Open University, Raanana, Israel

Stereoviews of Jerusalem, photographed with a stereoscopic camera. Following 19th-century photographers

Analogue prints, some with double exposure and painted by hand (on the paper itself during the developing process) from glass negatives. The portrait is a close up of an antique tintype. The demons/ghosts are dry plant's pods. Extreme close up a scientific camera from the mid. 20th century that I converted to wet plate. 


live presentation

Three minutes out of three hours live demonstration of Wet Collodion technique at the Open University, Raanana, Israel. It included historical background of 19th-century photography, explanations of the process of wet collodion, shooting glass negative and tintype with Ross of London camera (1875) in front of more than 200 people (with live video screening from the dark tent!) and an exhibition of 19th-century techniques and cameras from our private collection. The reaction of the crowd was just overwhelming being exposed (for the first time for most) to the miraculous appearance of an image.

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