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Various publications about my studio and exhibitions

HaMandat - Magazine of Haifa's Culture (2016)

article by Lilia Dashevsky

Dror Maayan: a love story of artist and matter

Photography World Magazine 207 (September-October 2017)

article by Nissim Sanua, editor

Vintage Photography with Antique Camera

Light and a Box

Exhibition Catalogue

Exhibition held at the Open University, Raanana, Israel.

curator: Dr. Hava Aldouby

"Facing the Wall"

 Walther König Verlag, Thames and Hudson, 2011

Photography by Dror Maayan


During 2007-8 Dror Maayan photographed graffiti on both sides of the Israeli-Palestine separation wall. The project was published as a book in 2011



more articles and catalogues

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